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This browser utilizes BioMoby as a data-driven Web Service discovery system - it discovers bioinformatics resources that can consume whatever data-type is currently displayed in your browser window. To begin your browsing session you must provide a starting point for your exploration - the piece of data you are interested in knowing something more about. This takes the form of a Namespace (the common abbreviation for a particular database), and an ID (the identifier itself). For example, the Genbank record for the Arabidopsis ubiquitin conjugating enzyme (gi|431260) is in the Namespace NCBI_gi with the ID 431260. After selecting the Namespace and ID that you are interested in, click the Initialize button below to begin searching for appropriate bioinformatics services. An example Namespace and ID have been selected for you already if you want to start exploring quickly!

After initialization, you will be presented with a selection of services that consume the data-type you initialized. The services description includes the Service Name, the Web domain of the service provider, the Service Type (the function that the Service will execute on your data, e.g. 'Retrieval' or 'Blast'), the type of output data that the Service Provides, and a textual description of the Service as provided by the author of that Service. Once you find the one you need, click the Execute This Service button. Your results (one or more, depending on what the Service does) will be displayed. For each result, you will have the opportunity to re-initialize the system using that piece of data, in order to discover BioMoby services that operate on it. This discover/execute cycle continues until you decide to quit.

Have fun swimming in the BioMoby ocean!
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New to the MOBY world?

Below is a 'showcase' of clickable initialization parameters that lead to interesting or useful services. Have fun!

Snapdragon Genome Database Mutant Allele 'choripetala' --- example service getDragonSimpleAnnotatedImages from
Arabidopsis Genome Initiative Identifier 'At3g19100' --- example service getNASC_codebyAGI_locus from

The source code for this BioMOBY browser is available through the Generic Model Organism Database Gbrowse Project.

Please direct all questions about this browser or the BioMOBY MOBY-S project to